Business and operating model


Difficult current market environment

In the current (market) environment, financial institutions are confronted with various challenges. As regards to the future, uncertainty about market developments is high. This raises the question of how to defy these adverse circumstances and continue to report stable operating results in the future.


zeb approach for business and operating model optimization

To eliminate uncertainty from the decision-making process, zeb has developed the Business and Operating Model Optimization tool. This analysis tool calculates the potential on the income and cost side on the basis of individual driver values of your financial institution. The result of this benchmark-oriented approach is a planned P&L that you can compare to your own planning. On the income side, the individual circumstances of your business area are also taken into account.

But how can any identified potential be leveraged? For this purpose, you complete a questionnaire with over 500 questions. This ensures that the individual initial situation of your financial institution is also recorded from a qualitative perspective. Individual measures are derived from your answers, which help to close the gap. Together with the members of the board of directors and the managers, we develop a development plan for your financial institution that is based on the set of possible measures.


Raising income and cost potentials

  • Quick overview of potentials on the income and cost side
  • Reduction of uncertainty in decision-making
  • Quantitative and qualitative gap analysis and recommendation of suitable measures
  • Measures can be transferred into individual planning in the form of a development plan


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