Funds transfer pricing


Funds transfer pricing as a basis for bank management

Funds transfer pricing provides the indicators for sales controlling and constitutes the functional basis for bank management. The present value and periodic measurements in funds transfer pricing are based on zeb.control’s uniform, cross-solution and cross-pillar cash flow and measurement algorithms. In addition, a large number of retail business accounts are powerfully measured. Currently used legacy systems often lack this capability and incur high operating costs.


High-performance zeb.control calculation engine based on cloud technology

The modern, cloud-based calculation engine provides the basis for controlling and a uniform, consistent bank management:

  • Use of uniform cash flow generation across solutions for all customer transactions
  • Calculation of present value and periodic performance indicators
  • Explicit disclosure of the liquidity cost contribution, both at present value and periodically
  • Consideration of non-performance
  • Integration of accounting results into net interest income and thus into the margin

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  • Can be operated on a powerful cloud technology
  • Runtime of the calculation engine is greatly reduced compared to legacy systems, thus enabling intraday calculation runs and updating of management indicators
  • Cost savings through replacement of legacy systems including hosts


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